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5 Marketing Lessons We Learned from This Interesting Art Installation in Makati

It is more than a steel structure with a logo.

Take a stroll around Greenbelt 3 and odds are you’ll come across an interesting arrangement of 15-foot tall metal rods sticking out of the ground. As you go around it to get a better view, you’ll see it transform into a figure that looks like a liquid splash of San Miguel Super Dry.

The display is what’s known as an “anamorphic installation,” or a piece of art that takes on different appearances depending on where you’re standing while looking at it. It plays with the viewer’s perception to essentially create multiple images from a single work.

It’s also a lesson on how art installations can be used as effective marketing tools. Here are five things we’ve learned from this creative outdoor execution:

1. Interactive doesn’t always mean moving parts.

Many people assume that interactive marketing executions need to involve something that people can pick up or play with. Designs like San Miguel Super Dry’s anamorphic installation, however, encourage viewers to do the moving—from discovering how it works to taking photos with and of the piece and posting them online.

2. Sometimes, visual art can evoke more emotion than the written word.

While the written word can tell its audience about a product and generate an emotional response with the use of words, visual art sometimes has the ability to create a stronger yet genuine connection, probably because there’s nothing telling your audience how they should think or feel and any emotional connection created is a natural human response.

3. Standing out is great, but the quality is important.

Anything that sets you apart from the rest of the competition helps, but only if the output is well-executed. Don’t try to be different just for the sake of it. If you want to stand out, make sure you put a lot of thought and care into how you’re going to pull it off.

4. Art can help establish a more positive perception of your brand.

Anamorphic installations have been getting more exposure online over the years, and the people behind the brand recognized that. By finding inspiration in art, the brand was able to find an execution that wasn’t just disruptive, but also current.

5. There are more creative ways of reaching out to your market.

It may have been easier for San Miguel Super Dry to have several banners mounted and displayed in various locations, but the brand chose to come up with an innovative execution that focuses on a specific market segment. The anamorphic installation can be found in an area where there's high foot traffic from people who might be at the mall to dine at a restaurant or drink at a bar with friends.

Drop by Greenbelt 3 in Makati and view San Miguel’s anamorphic installation for yourself. Check what people are saying about it by searching #SnapAndSip on Facebook, and by following San Miguel Super Dry’s official Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with San Miguel Super Dry.

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