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5 Ways to Change Your Bad Business Habits

Habits are a way to operate on autopilot, which is good if you've set a proper course
By Timothy Sykes |

5 Ways to Change Your Bad Business Habits

Tom Merton | Getty Images


So many people are unaware of their habits, or they’re unwilling to acknowledge them, but in business you’re always going to have to deal with bad habits. The first step is to identify them. Write them down and post the list somewhere visible. It’s important for you to not have any avenue from shying away from your business problems any longer.



That’s why I wrote down these five ways you can change your bad business habits.



1. Find the underlying cause

Once you have your list you must find the cause. Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, and author ofTending the Family Heart, says that you have to ask ‘Why?’


For example, you may be constantly yelling at your employees. Stop and think about why you’re yelling at them. Are they slow? That’s not the ‘Why?’ it’s merely the result. Dig deeper and you may find they’re slow because you’re working them too hard.


That’s what you must do with all your bad business habits.



2. What are the triggers?

One of the most common triggers of smoking is seeing someone else smoke. Smoking cessation sessions often focus on the triggers, which is the same with any addiction. Apply that same logic to your business. If you find that you keep crashing in the afternoon, make a point of going to bed early. Or indulge in some high energy foods at lunch.


Stop the trigger and you help to stop the problem.



3. Have a plan for good habits

Dr. Peter Gollwitzer from New York University once wrote that people have the most success in breaking bad habits when they have a plan. He identified this in a study, but he went further and said that they must plan for replacing bad habits for good ones.


I’m an advocate of this. When I find myself spending too much time on social media, I switch to reading the financial news or reviewing my trades.



4. Find a mentor

Finding a mentor is key to success is business.


You can make your business better by learning from those who have already walked the path to success; you don’t have to recreate the wheel! Swallow your pride and find someone who you look up to help lead the way and pave your path to success.




5. See the bright side

It’s important to look on the bright side of things. Concentrate on what those good habits can do for you and how the bad habits detract from your life. Track your progress in business. Changing your habits could make your profits go up, so track that.


It’s an excellent way of keeping you motivated through the difficult times.






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