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6 dangerous lies entrepreneurs tell themselves

Here are the some dangerous lies entrepreneurs tell themselves.
By Brandon Turner |


Entrepreneurs are liars. And it’s killing their businesses. It’s time to put a stop to the lying and come clean. If confession is good for the soul, consider this post to be Sunday Morning Mass.


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Here are the some dangerous lies entrepreneurs tell themselves:



1. "People are going to love this."

Many entrepreneurs lie to themselves and believe that they know what their customers, clients or users will love. The truth is, an entrepreneur can only make educated guesses and then test the hypothesis in action.


What you think the customer is going to love could be completely wrong, and the longer you hold onto this lie, the more your business will struggle.



2. "I don’t have time to read."

Many entrepreneurs are so focused on building the mechanics of their businesses, they lack the time to grow personally through reading. Yet there is a reason that the most successful CEOs in America read dozens of books per year: because reading helps you get new ideas and drive the “big picture” of your business forward.




3. "I'll just work longer and harder."

Hard work is necessary for building a successful business. The lie often told, however, is in believing the only solution is to “work harder.”


Instead, successful entrepreneurs understand that putting in longer hours doesn’t mean the business is suddenly going to improve. Instead of running to “work more” when things become difficult, they look at the core of the problem and seek to create more systems to deal with it.


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4. "I can work on all these ideas at once."

Most of your ideas will work. The lie, however, is telling yourself you should work on them.


As Gary Keller discusses in his book, The One Thing, “Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.” What are you focusing on? Focus first, and crush that task before moving onto another idea.



5. "My family will be there later. After all, I’m doing this for them."


Entrepreneurs tend to focus heavily on their businesses at the expense of their families.


They tell themselves, “It’s OK—I’m doing it for my family,” but that lie only leads to divorce, messed up kids and depressing nights in front of the tube with a TV dinner.



6. "I can do this better myself."

Just because an entrepreneur can do something doesn’t mean they should. The lie they tell themselves is simple but damaging: I can do this better myself. And yes, they probably can.


Outsourcing is difficult because no one cares about your business with the same care that you do. However, the small gains an entrepreneur achieves by doing the work themselves will hurt their businesses in the long run. The competition will sail past, while the hard-working liar is taking out the trash.


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