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6 secrets for turning hard work into elite results

Try these tactics and see how these can dramatically increase your productivity.
By Peter Voogd |


Here are six of my favorite tactics for dramatically increasing your productivity. Don’t try to put these into practice all at once. Rather, pick and choose the ones you believe will make the biggest difference in your business right away.



1. Simplicity.

In order to really thrive in entrepreneurship and business you must learn to shift from complexity to simplicity. When you get rid of all the noise in your head and focus on the few activities that matter most you’ll gain a new sense of awareness and motivation.  Most of the things you do in your business don’t accelerate growth—they just ‘maintain’ at best. Don’t try to be great at fifty things. Be obsessed about the few things that can really move your business forward.



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2. Scheduling everything.

The “trick” to productivity is deciding what you will work on at some point other than in the moment, and then to practicing that high-value work over and over until it’s natural, habitual and automatic.


Make sure your commitments are intentional and strategic. Tie them to your monthly and yearly outcomes. The goal here is to invest your past experience into your future preparation.




3. Sell yourself.

The reason most people can’t focus consistently is because they haven't actually sold themselves on the task at hand or the goal they are trying to accomplish. By sold, I mean they have cut out the alternative. They know the importance of what they are doing and the purpose and ideal outcome they are seeking to attain. If you procrastinate, then you haven’t sold yourself on your goal or task yet. Don’t get yourself involved unless you are sold on the activity and its purpose in moving you forward.


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4. Seize the day.

Start your day powerful. Focus at the start of each day on getting into a highly resourceful mental state so you can think better, act better and feel better, which in turn will help you make better and more productive decisions.



It’s not the hours you put in, it’s the work you put in the hours that count. If you don't have a plan to interrupt interruptions then your plans will always be interrupted.



5. Strict deliberate practice.

Practice what you know consistently and you’ll build your muscle memory. Practice relentlessly and the time will come when you perform swiftly, elegantly and unconsciously. The same applies to your productivity. Practice doing work that matters. Practice sitting in one place for many hours focused on a single result. Practice running rituals and elite performance routines that will lift you up into the realm of world-class.



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6. Staying intentional.

Your vision, not your current circumstances or emotions, guide you. Set intentions that inspire you to stay focused and not procrastinate. Make sure they’re congruent with your clearly defined goals. Activities without purpose drain wealth and prosperity.


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