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6 Techniques You Can Use to Boost Your Career Self-Confidence

It's actually good to fake it 'til you make it
By Dhaval Patel |

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If you don't believe in yourself, how will anyone else believe in your abilities?


A powerful sense of self will allow you to advance in the workplace smoothly and naturally. However, self-confidence doesn't come naturally to everyone. Attaining a deep sense of self-possession can prove difficult for many individuals who struggle with self-esteem issues or lack of inspiration. Happily, there are some easy and accessible ways to boost your career self-confidence. Try one of these six techniques:




1. Have specific goals

What do you want out of your career? Take the time to make a list of your career goals, and make them as detailed as possible. For instance, instead of a vague goal like "make more money," you might have a more targeted goal like "increase sales by 25 percent in the next quarter."


By having specific goals, you'll create a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for yourself. You'll also be able to create mini-goals or milestones that can make that goal more attainable. By having a specific focus, you'll be able to dedicate yourself to your work with a strong sense of direction. As you attain these specific goals and milestones, you'll likely find that your self-confidence improves.



2. Pretend you've already made it

Pretend, for a minute, that you've already arrived at the pinnacle of your career. Visualize yourself as being extremely successful. What would you be wearing, who would you be networking with and what would you be doing?



Now, to take this exercise one step further, try to be that version of yourself, right this very instant. Try to conduct yourself as if you've already reached this point of success. Believe it or not, this "fake it til you make it" mentality can be extremely effective as a career and self-confidence boost. Often, projecting success in such a way becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


3. Have a routine

Some of the most successful and self-confident people in business have something in common: a routine. For example, this might be waking up early so that you can clear your head, check emails or perform everyday tasks before getting to work.


By establishing such a routine, you are showing self-respect and acknowledging that your time is valuable. A routine can help you feel more centered and calm, and this can have a powerful effect on your productivity and self-confidence.




4. Focus on progress, not perfection

Believe it or not, self-confidence is not about attaining perfection. If anything, trying to be perfect can drastically reduce your self-esteem.


Instead of trying to be perfect, focus on being the best you possibly can be. If you make a mistake (and you will), rather than beat yourself up, try to focus on how you can learn from the experience. This will allow you to continue on your career path in a stronger and more self-aware way. Self compassion, and giving yourself the room to grow organically, will allow you to see your ability to overcome adversity and grow stronger as a worker and as a human being. This builds self-confidence and self-worth in a deep, intrinsic way.



5. Be giving

It's a common misconception that to get ahead in business, you have to be ruthless. But, really, if you climb over others to advance on the corporate ladder, it's more likely to harm than help you. Burning bridges will not make you feel good about yourself.



Personally, I subscribe to the belief that you get what you give. The signature line on every email I send reads "You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want." When I am able to help others advance, it acts as a powerful self-confidence boost as I can see my own ability to facilitate positive growth.



6. Have a hobby

I'm a big believer in having plenty of interests outside of the workplace.


Not only do they help expand your mind and reduce stress, but they allow you to approach your work with a renewed sense of vigor. When you are an effective worker, you're a confident worker. So do yourself and your self-esteem a favor: get a hobby!


Which is your favorite tip for boosting career self-confidence?






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