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Attention, content marketers: Here's how to write an amazing headline (Infographic)

Here are strategies for writing better titles and headlines to attract website traffic.
By Geoff Weiss |

When it comes to writing clicky headlines, the value of the word ‘amazing’ cannot be overstated. Including the adjective can compound overall engagement by an astronomic 262%.


Other tips for optimizing titles? When applicable, specify content categories in brackets -- as in ‘[Infographic],’ ‘[Video]’ or ‘[Slideshow].’ And know that readers can smell an unfulfillable promise from miles away. Words like ‘magic,’ ‘simple,’ ‘free’ and superlatives like ‘always’ and ‘best’ tend to cause click-through-rates to plummet.


The ideal headline length can be slightly trickier to gauge. One hundred and seventeen characters is the magic number for maximum social shareability, though headlines with less than 65 characters appear fully in search results.


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Infographics for writing better headlines



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