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Gaining customers' trust can be your checkmate

Win your customers' loyalty with these tips.
By Karen Mishra |

Small businesses can set themselves apart from the competition by focusing on four aspects of trust that can serve as the cornerstones for building a solid reputation with customers and drawing their loyalty


My consulting company Total Trust developed this list of four qualities through research involving surveys and interviews with representatives of Fortune 500 companies over more than 20 years:



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1. Reliability. Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. It sounds simple, but many small businesses have good intentions and end up failing due to personnel or inventory issues. My favorite local car wash, T.C. Anderson’s of Durham, N.C., owned and operated by T.C. Anderson, always has a full staff waiting when I arrive so the wait times are short and the car ends up looking brand-new. I know that I can count on the company to come through whether I need a regular wash and a hand dry or a complete detailed job.



2. Openness and honesty. Don’t lie about your company's capabilities or hide its pricing from customers. They won't return but instead will share the bad news with their friends. Instead, be up front about how your company operates and why you charge what you do. Customers will appreciate your honesty. 



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3. Competence. As a business owner, you need to prove to customers that your firm is the best to get a job done. You can’t do that without constantly improving what's delivered.


Two Men and a Truck International relies on feedback cards from its clients to improve the customer experience. Movers leave the feedback cards with customers at the end of a job. When customers mail in those comment cards, they are sent to the company's headquarters in Lansing, Mich., where they are read and digested. The folks at headquarters compile the feedback and send it to each location. 



4. Compassion and caring. This is an area where small businesses can shine but their larger competitors may not. When you run a small business, you know your customers, their businesses and families. Knowing someone personally and showing interest in him or her goes a long way toward building trust.



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