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Getting the most out of human resource

Prople, Inc.’s CEO Ma. Alma Luz Borja states the benefits of HR outsourcing
By Entrepreneur Staff |



Human resource is at the forefront of all enterprises, whether large- or small-scale, and any upgrade on technological tools when hiring, training, developing and retaining employees require the right mindset, software and skills. As infusion of technologies change the way companies do business, so too has the demands on human resource managers, particularly in the way of screening, hiring and placing talents.



Based on a report published by Future HR Trends, these challenges include the adoption of a rapidly diverse working population, understanding the subtleties of employee qualifications, retaining and engaging the changing workforce, aligning technologies with management strategies, managing risks in operations, hiring talent while lowering labor costs, and people migration.


For companies to make the most out of their human resource, there is a need to hire highly skilled professionals who can handle the demands of the department while putting a premium on long-term success.


“The HR department plays very critical roles in attracting, training and meeting the needs of customers through the pools of talented workers. But the problem is that, some businesses—especially the start-ups—have neither the right people nor the budget to oversee all the facets of HR,” said Ma. Alma Luz Borja, president and CEO of Prople, Inc., a business solutions company specializing in HR management and issues.



“This is where the advantages of outsourcing come in. By hiring professionals who have a proven track record in human resources, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to control labor costs while using up-to-date technologies during the process,” Borja explained.


Prople, Inc.’s services profile include HR services such as payroll and timekeeping, benefits management, statutory compliance, employee records administration, HR reporting and analysis, and HR information systems.


“Some organizations are plagued with employee concerns—from delayed pay checks to unorganized expense and benefits management. That is what we are trying to address,” Borja said.


The company reports its use of web-based tools, systems and improved solutions for payroll processes. Other specializations include issue management, sales and order monitoring, data integration management and accurate tracking of work progress, which secures business continuity and stability.


Aside from deploying HR professionals, Prople cites its team of CPAs, auditors, project managers, business and data analysts, and experts with industry-specific expertise in finance and accounting, information technology and data management.



The company, with a client base in Asia and the US, operates as K&A Global Management Company in California, Kansas and Missouri. International offices are also located in India.




Photo from Prople, Inc.

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