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How to generate leads with social media

Learn how to properly use different social media platforms particularly for generating leads for your business.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
How to generate leads with social media

Social media has proven its ability to win over consumers and the numbers tell it all. According to, 77% of business-to-consumers (B2C) marketers say they’ve acquired customers through Facebook while 34% of marketers claimed they generated leads using Twitter.


Scratching your head and wondering how to expand your consumer database with social media? Here are three quick tips for you:


1.     Have a definite goal and stick to it.


Nescafe, the country’s leading brand wanted to create a virtual coffee house on Facebook where fans can converse and trade stories, play games, collect points, and win merchandises. Donald Lim, who is now the Chief Digital Officer for ABS-CBN says the Facebook Kapihan has become the most successful Facebook campaign in the country. It cultivated loyal fans that became brand ambassadors both online and off.


“It really created a community of lovers” says Donald Lim in the recent CDM Acceleration Program. Today, Nescafe has 27 million fans and counting.



2.     Get in-touch with customers and start conversations.


Always keep in mind that being social is a two-way street. You must not be afraid to ask your customers what they think or prefer, get the crowd thinking with you. Social media has created an opportunity that wasn’t available to marketers of yesteryears–through real-time marketing, marketers can receive customer feedback in a snap.


3.     Choose the right platform.


It might be a no-brainer tip but you’d be surprised how marketers skid into default channels without taking into account the purpose of the campaign. Top of mind social tools would include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but each of these tools has its own unique function.


If your objective is to start a conversation with your customers, Twitter would be best. Twitter’s “@” attribute make it easier for B2C and C2B to communicate. Instagram or Pinterest would work for product awareness and Facebook for updates and shares–it’s all about customizing your campaign for the platform you intend to use.



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