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Mark Zuckerberg wants to help cure all diseases by the end of the century

Because there are more responsibilities that need solving, Zuckerberg says.
By Entrepreneur US Staff |

Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Help Cure All Diseases By the End of the Century


Everything is coming up Zuckerberg! After sharing some truly incredible earnings numbers Wednesday ($5.38 billion (P64.80 billion) in revenue! 1.65 billion active users!) the hoodied CEO posted a note making clear his intentions to make the world a better place.


"While helping to connect the world will always be the most important thing I do, there are more global challenges that I feel a responsibility to help solve—like helping to cure all diseases by the end of this century, upgrading our education system so it’s personalized for each student, and protecting our environment from climate change," he wrote. 



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Zuckerberg also announced a proposal from Facebook's board of directors to jumpstart the world healing, describing it in short: "I’ll be able to keep founder control of Facebook so we can continue to build for the long term, and Priscilla and I will be able to give our money to fund important work sooner. Right now, there are amazing scientists, educators and doctors around the world doing incredible work. We want to help them make a bigger difference today, not 30 or 40 years down the road."


You can read the entire note from Zuckerberg here.




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