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Quiz: Are you a micromanager? (Infographic)

Do you loom over your employees while they work? Do you check on every detail? Find out if you are a micromanager by taking this quiz.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |


Truth: Micromanagers are the demoralizing control freaks of the working world. They lord over their employees, scrutinize their every move and generally make work miserable for everyone they excessively boss around. You know the type, perhaps better than you care to admit.


But micromanagers, a.k.a. nanomanagers, are more than just frustrating. Despite what they probably think, they’re bad for business. Much like overbearing helicopter parents, or a wall that blocks a plant from light, oppressive micromanagers inhibit growth and discourage independence, creativity and innovation. Instead, they slow workflow, shake confidence and cultivate a warped “wait-to-be-told” company culture.



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Bottom line: They’re toxic and you don’t want to be one of them.


If you’re not sure you fit the bully boss bill, you’re not alone. Many micromanagers are so caught up in meddling in others’ tasks that don’t even realize what they’re doing. That’s where the clever quiz below comes in handy. Answer its 10 quick questions--put together by project management software maker Wrike--and you’ll know (we hope).


Or, if you’re craving a little more control--tempting, isn’t it?--take the interactive version of the quiz over at Qzzr.




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