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Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs! 4 inspirational lessons to celebrate the innovative CEO

It is worth taking a few minutes to reflect on his impact and lasting example.
By Carly Okyle |


Steve Jobs was born 61 years ago on February 24. Though his life was cut short by cancer, he made an indelible impact in society.


As Apple continues to flourish and honor his complicated legacy (complete with its recent stand against the Federal Bureau of Investigation), it is worth taking a few minutes to reflect on his impact and his example.  Consider it our gift to you.



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1. Dazzle, always.

From the very first Mac computer to the creation of the iTunes store and beyond, Jobs knew how to capture an audience. His launches were carefully planned and choreographed. They put Apple's products in the best light and got people excited about what the company might launch next.


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2. Fight tomorrow’s battle today.

Real innovators anticipate needs. They don’t waste too much time solving the same problems everyone else is solving. They look ahead and forge new paths and solutions.


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3. Make the value clear.

Keep things simple. Under Jobs’s direction, Apple products were designed to work intuitively. With very little instruction, a consumer could take a device out of its box and get to using it. Simplicity makes it easier for consumers to make your product or service a habit and a phenomenon.



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4. Everyone’s human.

Jobs’s legacy has its share of difficult moments, from not accepting paternity for his first born or cheating friend and collaborator Steve Wozniak out of his full cut of a project the two had worked on for Atari.


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And while he understood consumers behavior well, some say even Jobs missed the desire for features like bigger screens. Even great minds have their faults, and remembering that can keep us all grounded.




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Photo from Flickr / VSUAL Magazine

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