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Want to avoid burnout? Quit your bitchin'

No sympathy for whiners here.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |


Being busy is a common side effect of success, and that is nothing to complain about, said Robert Herjavec. He does not have much sympathy for whiners.


Instead of dwelling on what is wrong, the optimistic Herjavec Group founder and CEO said people should focus on what is right, especially entrepreneurs like him who have made something out of nothing and have the packed schedules (and bank accounts) to prove it. 



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“We’re overloaded, we have a lot going on, and that’s a good thing,” he recently told Entrepreneur on the Culver City, California, set of Shark Tank. “The starting point for avoiding burnout for people like us is not complaining. Nobody cares about your complaints, so keep them to yourself.”


The idea, he said, is to channel the energy you would have wasted whining about your obligations into being grateful for your accomplishments, and for all of the doors of opportunity that open to you as a result of them.


In other words, quit your bitchin’ and retrain your brain to have an attitude of gratitude.


Herjavec also suggested you drop the toxic “negative self-talk” while you are at it.


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“It is the subconscious words that we use to trick ourselves that we have to be careful of,” he said. “Think about it, as entrepreneurs who make our own rules and schedules, we get to do this. That is why I try not to say ‘I have to do an interview today,’ or ‘I have to come to the set or ‘I have to go to work.’ I try to say, ‘I get to do this.’



I work my ass off for the privilege of being this busy. So when you get there, don’t complain.”




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