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Why Playing It Safe Is Bad for Budding Entrepreneurs

If you’re afraid to go bold, owning a business isn’t probably for you
Why Playing It Safe Is Bad for Budding Entrepreneurs

Fortune favors the bold—both in the battlefield and in business. Simply put, you can’t afford to be meek if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. And yet, so many businesses fail because owners lack the boldness and the vision it takes to create something revolutionary. Below are just a few reasons why playing it safe never pays off.


You become a me-too company

“I’ll put up a restaurant because there’s always money in the food business.” Sounds familiar? That’s because just about every entrepreneur has thought the same thing. Sure, a food joint might seem like a sure bet, but when you’re competing with literally thousands of other restos, profits are going to be slim. What’s unique about your menu? How does it make the dining experience interesting? If you simply follow the same old business model that other entrepreneurs have, you risk becoming a me-too company—and in business, the undifferentiated is as good as dead.


You turn a blind eye to business challenges

Behind every successful business is a thousand trials and errors. What you thought was a sure-fire business model might end up under-delivering, so you may need to tweak your product, find new suppliers, or market your company more aggressively—everything it takes to make it flourish. However, timid entrepreneurs simply bury their heads in the ground, naively hoping that if they stay on course, their venture will eventually prosper. In short, they choose what’s comfortable instead of doing what’s necessary.



You settle for less

Admit it: You like being liked—by your peers, by your employees, by your business partners. While being likeable is definitely a factor for success, don’t let it cloud your judgement. When you focus on what other people think of you instead of what your business truly needs, you may end up settling for less. For instance, you let distributors low-ball your product or give an underperforming employee a free pass because you’d rather be nice than voice out what you really think.


You become indecisive

Here’s a little reality check for you: You can’t wait until you have all the information before making a decision. Wait too long and before you know it a problem becomes a full-blown crisis. In the world of business—and in real life—you often need to make a call using what limited information you already have. If you have sound judgement, you’ll likely make the right decision anyway. And if not, you can always course-correct. Remember, the best entrepreneurs are those who thrive in times of uncertainty.


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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

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