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10 businesses you can do on weekends

Weekends can be a workweek extension for some enterprising individuals.
By KC Calpo |

For most people, weekends usually mean having some quality time with family and friends, resting at home, going off on a vacation, or indulging in hobbies and personal interests. But Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays can also mean a major workweek extension for some enterprising individuals, and for several reasons.


[related|post]First, the continually rising costs of living make people take on a sideline (or even several sidelines) to augment their day job earnings and help with regular expenses. In some instances, things go so well that they end up submitting their 15- or 30-day notices and making their sideline a full-time endeavour!


Then there are other folks who may not be in a severe pinch when it comes to finances. Instead, they want to change their career path and do what they truly love rather than what they think they're supposed to do for a living. But this huge shift can't be done immediately; it's important to test the waters first and see if the new career can actually go the distance.



If you relate to one or both of these reasons, it's a great idea for you to spend your weekends putting up your own business or trying out freelancing. We suggest making a list of the things and activities that have piqued your curiosity, or long-time hobbies that you think you can turn into a money-making machine and answer a specific market need. Listing down the tasks and responsibilities you've had in your previous day jobs would help, too (just watch out for your employment contract's non-complete clause!). Lastly, having a network in place would really come in handy when the time comes for you to build up your customer base and promote your weekend venture.


Still figuring things out and in dire need of a great concept? We've got 10 weekend business ideas to get you started! Most of these ideas require minimal capital and equipment, but there are some that call for you to make significant investments in equipment beforehand.



Can you tell each idea by merely looking at every image? Good luck!

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