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10 college courses for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Philippines presents the 10 college courses you thought had nothing to do with entrepreneurship.
By Jimbo Owen B. Gulle |

You don’t have to go to graduate school to be an entrepreneur. In fact, some of the greatest entrepreneurs didn’t even finish high school.


But for those who regret not having taken business-related courses in university, do not fret. The diploma you now hold may actually help you on your way to being your own boss. To wit, here are 10 college courses you thought had nothing to do with entrepreneurship:


The scientific study of human mental functions and behaviors should be interesting to any entrepreneur who wants to improve his relationships with his business partners, clients and employees. Some schools abroad offer specialized courses in Business Psychology, which seeks to maximize the prime asset of any business: its people.


This seems to have no place in entrepreneurship, until one realizes that in literature one must study complex situations, multi-dimensional characters and examine subtext without seeing the big picture beforehand. Similarly, conducting business requires an entrepreneur to be able to calculate the risks and benefits of any action and to make high-pressure decisions; to do these things, one has to see through the lens of multiple outcome.



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