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10 reminders for entrepreneurs

A reminder of lessons that entrepreneurs learned in the previous year
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As 2010 nearly reaches mid-year, it is time that we look back at 2009 and remind ourselves of the lessons that we learned from the previous year marked by calamities, sorrows and even resilience of Filipinos.

We give you  10 Entrepreneurs’ Takes on 2009

10. Opportunity:

We actually saw opportunity in the recession because people will be looking for ways to save money—and what we offer is a cheaper alternative to buying brand new games. We are now planning on opening another branch in Makati City.

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Uyay Ypon
Owner, Game On!
Game On sells second-hand, original games for PSP, Xbox, Nintendo and other consoles

9. Good Start:

2009 was challenging, but not any harder than any business’ first year. Good businesses are the ones that take time to build; building during the tough times is a great strategy so that you can maximize your growth once the economy becomes better.


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Gerrel Roa
COO, Qartas Corp.
A third-party certification company


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