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10 success quotes from 2015's billionaires under the age of 40

Be inspired by these words of wisdom coming from 10 of the world's billionaires who are under the age of 40.
By Gelo Gonzales |

In March, Forbes magazine released its annual list of the world's richest men and women, which included familiar names such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The list tallied 1,826 names of billionaires from around the globe. But the overall tally is not what's most interesting in this year's version. Rather, it is the fact that 46 of them are under 40 years old—a record.

How did these young guns make so much money in such a short time? We may find clues from how they think, as somehow reflected by their words. Here are notable success quotes from them.



1. Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook Godfather rose to the 16th richest spot this year—his first time to crack the Top 20. 

Age: 30 

Net worth: $33.4 billion

Image from TechCrunch [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons





2. Elizabeth Holmes

She's a Stanford University dropout who founded the blood testing company Theranos.

Age: 31

Net worth: $4.5 billion




3. Drew Houston

He founded the cloud-based file storage service, Dropbox.

Age: 31

Net worth: $1.2 billion

Image from the Financial Times, cropped by Puramyun31 [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons




4. Jack Dorsey

This billionaire is the chairman of the micro-blogging site and one of the most popular social media portals globally, Twitter.

Age: 38

Net worth: $2.7 billion

Image from (CC) Brian Solis, /, via Wikimedia Commons




5. Nicholas Woodman

This inventor is known for creating high-definition action camcorders under the GoPro brand.

Age: 39

Net worth: $2.4 billion





6. Mohammed Dewji

The industrial kingpin in Tanzania launched Mo Cola in 2014 to compete with Coca Cola.

Age: 39

Net worth: $1.25 billion

Image from Mohammed Dewji's Facebook page




7. Jan Koum

He is the founder of the world's biggest messaging app, Whatsapp, which has over 400 million active users to date. 

Age: 39

Net worth: $6.6 billion





8. Travis Kalanick

He is the big boss at controversial ride-booking service, Uber.


Age: 38

Net worth: $5.2 billion

Image from Heisenberg Media [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons





9. Sean Parker

This tech rebel founded Napster, and assisted in the growth of other tech giants such as Facebook and Spotify.

Age: 35

Net worth: $2.5 billion

 Image from Amager at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.






10. Evan Spiegel

The youngest billionaire in this year's list, he's one of the founders of messaging app Snapchat, a service that has soared to 100 million users since its launch in 2011.

Age: 24

Net worth: $1.5 billion

Image from cellanr (Flickr: Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


This post was originally published in with minor tweaks from editor.

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