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10 tips to survive Divisoria

By Peter Imbong And Eileen Ang |

It is that time of year again when the holidays are less than two months away. Looking for great deals? Divisoria is still the destination to beat when it comes to price and savings. Below we round up 10 tips to help you survive deal central:


10. Prepare to rough it.
Accept that for the time being, you will not have your usual creature comforts. The streets will be narrow and muddy, the people will be pushy and sweaty, the weather will be humid and sticky, and by the end of the day your feet will feel like you just ran a marathon. There’s a reason public marketplaces are popular, and it’s not because they’re a walk in the park.


9. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
It’s a war zone out there so dress like it. Wear a comfortable breathable top, jeans that can take a whole day of walking and mud, and walking shoes that can take hours of trekking through narrow alleys and tight crowds. Your feet will thank you later.



8. Create a list and stick to it.
There will be many shiny, pretty things that could divert your attention. Prepare a list of the things you are looking for so you can get what you came for first, then make time and spend for extras only after you’ve covered the basics.


7. Less is more.
It was a wise man who said “brevity is the soul of wit.” And that not only applies to speaking and writing. In public marketplaces, bringing less has a lot of advantages: less baggage, gives you more freedom to move; no jewelry, less temptation for petty thieves; and less things to hold on to means there are more things you can actually buy. Smart guy, that Shakespeare.


6. Leave the car at home (or at least at a secure parking area).
’Nuff said.


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