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100 hot business ideas to try in the January-February issue

Exciting ideas to get you started.
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The New Year is the best time for beginnings. You can start with a clean slate and renewed enthusiasm. For our January-February issue, we explore 100 hot ways you can start a business now. Get a list of ideas in the fields of food and beverage, to mobile and tech to business optimization to travel and leisure. The right idea is just waiting for the right persevering entrepreneur to make it into reality.



Even then sometimes the best ideas flop when implementation is not done well. Learn how entrepreneurs engaged in the family business are successfully mixing business with the personal from the conglomerate the Cuevas Group of Companies and garments company SBMF International.


Make it the year to go for your dream business. Take the plunge to becoming your own boss with our quick guide to starting a business. We take you through the steps from evaluating if you are ready to planning to actual implementation.  According to Ian del Carmen, president if the Internet marketing firm Fireball Group, “Anyone can start a business as long as he is ready – emotionally, intellectually, financially, and most of all, strategically.”


Get doable tips on how to be smart about being frugal for 2012. You want to spend on things that matter to you and cut down on things that do not. We also give a roundup of free stuff that you can use for your business and easily download from the Net.



Buy a copy of the first 2012 issue of Entrepreneur Philippines in bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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