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12 tips for your business travel checklist

Get organized for a business trip with these 12 pointers.
By Lorela U. Sandoval |

Traveling, for an entrepreneur or an executive, comes with the territory. One usually takes business trips for various reasons, including client meetings, purchases, conferences, networking events, and product presentations.

Creating a business travel checklist is a valuable and smart approach to getting organized before and during the trip, ensuring that nothing essential is left behind. A good checklist contributes to a stress-free travel and provides focus all throughout the trip.

Here are 12 tips when making that checklist:

1.    Create the checklist document in your computer ahead of time; update it whenever you feel something should be added to that list.

Remember to print several copies of this checklist and other relevant documents, when you are though updating it. Create a back up document in your PDA, hard drive, CD, or USB device, and refer to this document when all hell breaks loose.


2.    Research your point of destination from its history and weather down to its tourist and business attractions.


To present a good impression right away, further demonstrate to clients in advance your interest in the transaction by asking relevant questions about the business and the destination. This strategy might augment your chances of creating an excellent presentation and nailing the deal.

3.    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Add to a positive, first impression by learning beforehand cultural differences, such as tipping practices if you are picking up the tab for a meal, properly addressing your client’s name, and other customs of the place.

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