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15 success tips from business veterans

A compilation of best business tips from successful businessmen.
By Maan D'Asis Pamaran, Rafael Santos, Lalah M. Varias, Elaine Ruzul Ramos, Jimbo Owen Gulle, Francis Menor, Anne Ruth Panes-Dela Cruz, Marie Anne Fajardo And Dave Llorito |
<>8. "Get the right people on the bus"

This means hiring coaches who are young and passionate in teaching kids, and who are really committed to make the business work."

- Eric Altamirano

9. "Stay hands-on"
"I\\\'ve had cases when my tinderas [sales staff] would steal from me. That is why I make it a point to be at my stall every day, so they would know that there\\\'s always someone watching them."
- Flory Malimban Chua

10. "Deliver on your promises"rosula_reyes2.jpg


"The secret to maintaining clients is keeping your promises- if you can deliver, clients would stick with you."

-Rosula Reyes, one of the founders of Blue Chip Designs Inc.


11. "Go corporate"

"The strength of the Elorde gym is in its word-of-mouth network, which helps attracts clients and gives the business the luxury of not spending on advertising or promotions. But to keep the gyms full year-round, it\\\'s good to offer discounted packages to corporate clients. This keeps the trainers-the heart of the business- busy and happy."

- Maria Laurita "Cucuy" Elorde, one of the owners of Elorde Boxing Gym near Gilmore Avenue in Quezon City

12. "Have faith in your product"AntonioArevalo2.jpg


"This strong faith in our product helped us tide over the tough times. Some of our distributors stayed with us because they truly believe that Golden Cucinero would do well one day."

- Antonio Arevalo, one of the owners of Golden Cucinero Homemade Products


13. "Use premium materials"

"Ideal\\\'s premium pasta uses imported wheat, and its other pasta products are made from high-grade enriched wheat flour."

- Henry Lim of Ideal Macaroni and Spaghetti Factory Inc.

14. Ready, shoot, aim

Pezaris200.jpg"In the tech community, we are fond of saying , \\\'Ready, Shoot, Aim\\\' which means that you should get your shot out there fast, evaluate the results, and then recalibrate it."

- Peter Pezaris, president and CEO


15. "Differentiate"

"Ideally, differentiate from expected imitators of a successful product idea."

- Francisco "Paco" Sandejas of Narra Venture Capital

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