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20 productivity apps to keep you on task (Infographic)

Any of these productivity apps can help improve task and time management.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |


Apps mainly do two things: They either distract us or keep us on track. If you’re a busy entrepreneur or someone who works for one, it’s best to stick to the latter kind, at least during working hours, especially if you want to be a productivity powerhouse.   


Productivity apps can give you—and, yes, your boss, too—a leg up on putting your most organized, efficient professional foot forward.  



Some are built to tame your inbox, while others streamline your to-dos or track your expenses. You can also use efficiency apps to sharpen your focus before a big meeting or to communicate with your coworkers under the radar (for strictly work-related conversations, right?). And then there’s the type that bosses love the most, procrastination-preventing apps that whip you into action.


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If you’re looking to crush your A-game at work, check out the productivity apps neatly packed into the infographic by global human resources consulting firm Adecco below. Go get it, worker bees.




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