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3 common misconceptions in digital marketing

Are you new into digital marketing? You should know the real score about the following three misconceptions.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |


Digital Marketing has made many business owners and entrepreneurs take a second-look in their marketing arsenal. While a lot of businesses understand the benefits of digital marketing, many are still reluctant to explore the potential of digital advertising–they fear the unknown. This fear is rooted upon the many misconceptions people may have towards digital marketing and becoming an excuse not to go digital.

Here are the common misconceptions you might have about digital marketing:


1.    Only big businesses need it.

Wrong. Smart business owners know that their small business can grow tremendously with the use of digital marketing. Except, many start-ups don’t fathom how digital marketers do it. But novice digital marketers only need to invest time to learn, understand, and apply digital strategies to enhance their marketing plans.

2.    Thinking your business is too boring to go digital.

No business is too boring for the digital landscape and every entrepreneur will benefit from having a strong online presence. But a great online presence is earned, not bought. Knowing who you’re talking to, where they’re talking, and how to relate with them will connect you to your niche market. Always do your research.

3.    Digital won’t top having a brick-and-mortar store.

Depending on your products or services, having a physical store is a huge plus, especially if you’re situated in a high-volume foot traffic area, but it would be a misconception to discount the fact digital marketing holds great opportunities for businesses.


In fact, the Philippines is recognized as the “fastest growing Internet audience in Southeast Asia,” based on a study conducted by ComScore. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that online businesses like, (,, and more are thriving. Still think physical stores are the only way to have your own business?–Think again.


Whether it’s to expand your market, increase product awareness, improve customer relationships, or explore wider opportunities, digital marketing won’t disappoint.

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