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3 essential things in a convenience store business

Ministop shares three essentials that a convenience store must always have in stock.
By Carlo P. Mallo |

It’s where people rush to for that bottle of oil, or for that bag of chips, and  even for that can of soda.During storms, it’s also where people go to stock up on water, canned goods and batteries. These days, however, even hot rice meals are found on a convenience store shelf.

With the boom in the call center industry and a growing number of Filipinos moving into condominium units, the convenience store is no longer just a large sari-sari store open 24/7, it has become an essential part of a city-dwelling Filipino’s lifestyle.

This lifestyle change has also made convenience store a good business opportunity. Ministop, which originated in Japan and was brought by the JG Summit Group to the Philippines in 2000, is seeking to be the dominant convenience store in the country.

“It is our vision to be the number one chain of convenience stores,” said Paul  Darroca, business development officer of Ministop Philippines. “We continue to study and improve on our system.”


Awarded as one of this year’s top franchise brands by Entrepreneur Philippines, Ministop is a business model in the franchise industry that exemplifies excellence.

“The convenience store business is all about making sure that the products are available for the customer at a quick and efficient manner,” Darroca said. “At Ministop, we provide good customer service and [a steady supply of  products].”

For those who are interested to try their hand at running a convenience store, Darroca cited three things to remember:

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