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3 gadgets for the road warrior

Make each delivery run an easier one with the help of these gadgets.
By KC Calpo |

There is a thing to be said about businesses that deliver the goods that you buy from them to your very doorstep—they truly want to make your buying and shopping experience convenient. For these companies, however, keeping your business means having the most efficient systems and devices to keep their delivery service going.


If you are one of these businesses, consider investing in gadgets that would give your road warriors the means to make the delivery on time. Here are three of them.

1.  carNAVi PRO TV
Make good time, effortlessly weave in and out of hellish traffic, and avoid getting on the road cops’ bad side with the carNAVi PRO TV. This GPS navigation device that tells you where to go with the help of updated nationwide HD maps, 2D or 3D map views and turn-by-turn directions in either English or Filipino. Pair this device with your phone via Bluetooth to make and take calls.



Specs: 5” TFT LCD touchscreen display, expandable storage via micro SD or micro SDHC card (up to 32GB), video/audio/image playback capability, built-in e-book reader.


Price: P13,900, buy it here.

2. Tramigo T22 Motorcycle and Light Vehicle Tracking Device
In order to serve your customers better and ensure a timely response, you’ll need to know where each of your vehicles is at all times. Keep track of your fleet with the Tramigo T22, which has a variant for motorcycles and light vehicles. This device gives you information on every vehicle’s status and location, and enables you to control your fleet and get updates via text messaging. Here’s the best part: you can limit additional business costs with the T22 since you pay only for sent SMS using any local SIM!


Specs: Integrated GPS receiver, mobile phone-controlled tracking device, ignition sensing, built-in backup battery and motion sensor, reports on speed, trip and zone crossing.



Price: May be obtained here.


3. Honda TMX 155
The Honda TMX 155 is a popular choice among riders for several reasons: it’s not a fuel hog, withstands the severe beating dealt by heavy usage and bad roads, and is powered by a real workhorse. Weaving between cars and meeting set delivery times will be a cinch for your personnel when they’re riding     this lean and mean two-wheeler.


Specs: Four-stroke OHV air-cooled engine, 9.0L tank (unleaded gasoline), front telescopic fork and twin rear suspension.


Price: P69,900, buy it here.

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