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3 guidelines towards creating more balance in your life

Our work-life balance expert tells us this week: If you want more balance in your life you have to start creating it!
By Aileen Santos |

Too many people, including entrepreneurs, feel they are victims of their life, never realizing that their lives are their own creations. Of course you can blame your parents, your terrible teacher in kindergarten, your unreasonable boss, or your country. But all that blaming really does is take away your power to make things better, and maybe even your power to achieve the kind of entrepreneurial success you want.

If you feel you\\\'re not enjoying enough balance in your day-to-day existence, then you\\\'ll want to take charge and start creating more balance!

Taking charge requires you to do three simple things:

  1. Evaluate the things you\\\'re already doing.
  2. Let go of the things that aren\\\'t working.
  3. Implement new actions that could lead you to better results.


If you feel that your life has been out of balance for some time, use these three questions to guide you towards making things better:


1. Does this "stressful time" have an expiration date?
While it\\\'s true that you should expect periods of high stress in your life from time to time, realize that you can only truly cope with them if you know it\\\'s "just for now."


When you were a student, the stressful exam phase only lasted until you finished answering that final test. Now as an evolving entrepreneur, high-stress times should always come with an end date. Otherwise, you\\\'ll just be creating an earlier end date for yourself (i.e., your health, and your life).


     Q: What if your current stressful period has an "indefinite" time period?


     A: Take charge and create your own end date! Here are some examples:

  • Sell 100 units of this product in the next three months. Afterwards, focus on a different product.
  • Hire additional staff by June to normalize the current staff\\\'s workload, or outsource.


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