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3 products every aspiring restaurateur in Cebu must offer

Learn about what Cebuanos love to eat and cook your way to success
By Carlo P. Mallo |

Offering affordable products is one thing. Providing value for money is another. And for aspiring restaurateurs who are eyeing the Cebu market, this is a very valuable lesson to learn.

“One of the most important things that you have to understand to succeed in the restaurant business in Cebu is what the taste of Cebuanos is,” said Cebu-based restaurateur Kenneth Lim. “Being cheap does not mean being priced low. It means that you give Cebuanos value for their money.”

Lim has been in the business for 11 years. Armed with a culinary degree and an apprenticeship in the United States, he is currently running two restaurants while another one is underway.

Lim’s most popular restaurant, Dessert Factory, has stood not only the test of time but also the influx of restaurant brands from Metro Manila. Obviously, his business did not falter as he knows his market very well.

“Here in Cebu, you can be very cheap but still not get customers if your product is not good,” Lim said.

Aside from providing value for money, Lim shares three more tips on what Cebuanos like eating. At least one of these should be on your menu--in different varieties, if we may add--if you plan on hitting it big in Cebu.

1. Pork
While Cebu is known for lechon, its love affair with pork does not end there. At Dessert Factory, one of the most popular entrees is the grilled pork belly. “Ask any Cebuano and pork will be on top of their mind always,” Lim said.

2. Chocolate
Cebuanos are chocolate-fanatics and they will gobble up anything between Belgian chocolate lace cookies and chocolate-covered dried mangoes. Dessert Factory does not fail to feed this sweet tooth. After all, it offers products like The Achocolypse Now chocolate cake, a mélange of five different kinds of chocolate. As Lim said, “You can never go wrong with chocolate here in Cebu.”

3. Pasta
It must be the rich European heritage of Cebu that has strongly influenced the city’s cuisine. “Cebuanos love pasta that in our restaurant, the third best-selling dish is the roasted vegetable pasta,” Lim said.

There’s your cue. It’s now time to heat your pan. Need recipes to get your business started? Click here to visit


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