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3 scientific principles that apply to entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurship feels like a difficult problem, turn to universal truths to help you surmount the challenge.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

So you\\\'re a new entrepreneur. You\\\'re still at that stage when, while your former co-employees are happily filing their vacation leaves and spending their Christmas bonuses, you\\\'re out slaving away in bazaars and trade shows, trying to raise money for your employees\\\' Christmas bonuses. This can make entrepreneurship feel more like a difficult problem rather than an inspiring challenge.


Which is why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to develop the art of believing in yourself (and in your business!) even during those moments when you can\\\'t find any reason to.


To help you develop this ability, I\\\'d like to share with you some scientific truths that have helped my own coaching clients make amazing progress even during challenging times.


Scientific Principle #1: Every action brings about a corresponding reaction.
You push a ball, it rolls. If you hold it steady, it stays put.


What it means to the entrepreneur: Your efforts are never wasted! Wherever you are right now on your entrepreneurial path, you are doing great! And even if it doesn\\\'t seem like it, you are making a difference.



Imagine what happens when you try to boil water. You put it in a kettle and turn on the stove, but for a long time nothing seems to be happening. Lots of energy is being expended, but the water seems to stay the same. But then, eventually, the water reaches 100 degrees Celsius. All of a sudden it steams, and boils!


Entrepreneurship is very similar to the parable of the man who was instructed by a guru to push a huge rock up a mountain. For a long time he kept pushing and pushing, but was never able to make the rock move. Nothing was happening! But then the guru pointed out an interesting thing: something was happening, and that something was that the man\\\'s efforts had been steadily strengthening the muscles on his arms. His arms had gotten so strong that, one day, he was able to move the rock up that mountain.



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