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3 social media tips for business owners

Business owners can take advantage of the social media for their marketing efforts through these three ways.
By International Institute of Digital Marketing |
3 social media tips for business owners

If you’ve been in the marketing business for awhile now, you'd know that social media marketing is an entirely new platform that combines traditional and modern concepts of marketing. Here are 3 social media marketing tips for your business:

1.    Do real-time marketing NOW. Real-time marketing will be big this year, as what wrote as key trends that will take off in 2015. Real-time marketing is based on creating strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. Its goal as writes is to connect consumers with the product or service that they need–right in the moment.

If you’re an entrepreneur doing your own social media marketing plan and execution, you’re in the perfect position to make crucial decisions that will otherwise take multiple levels of approval. You can answer every customer inquiry or concerns in a jiffy through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram platform. It's transparency at its best.

2.    Harness the power of internal marketing. During a talk at Social Media Today, IBM Global Marketing Director Renee Ducre talked about harnessing the best brand ambassadors the company could have: its own employees.

If yours is a small-to-medium-business enterprise, this is something you can do as opt-in of course to boost your organic reach.

In IBM, the biggest IT Company in the world, they encourage their employees to post product- and company-related info in their personal social media channels. It’s an activity that 400,000 IBM employees can opt-in (voluntarily), and recently this has enabled IBM to reach 23 million people in social media at absolutely no cost.

How do they do it? They make sure that the employees share a topic that’s close to their interest. For instance, if the employee is into biking or other green activities, he or she may tend to share their CSR efforts on environment or energy-saving.

3.    Tailor-fit your content for each social media channel. Because of time constraints, it's very easy to fall into temptation of an omnibus content for all your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest–don't. Each social media channel is a unique platform with its own set of core followers.

Twitter for instance, with its 140-character in place means messages should be quick, snappy, witty, and memorable. Instagram requires a riveting visual because of its photo-based platform and Pinterest are for users who enjoy filling their digital scrapbook with ideas.

Each social media channel has its own way of delivering the results you need. Invest in learning how to use the right social media platform to achieve your marketing objectives.


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