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3 things for a foolproof non-disclosure agreement

What should you include in the agreement
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Last week, lawyer Reeza Singson discussed the importance of keeping your trade secrets secret from your suppliers and other people that you deal with. She also discussed legal remedies like the inclusion of a non disclosure stipulation in your contracts.

To help you create a foolproof non-disclosure agreement or stipulation, listed down three things that you should include in the agreement. Here are three important things that you should stipulate in your nondisclosure agreements. You need to insert clauses in them stating that:

1. The confidential information cannot be directly or indirectly disclosed, published, transferred, or copied, or otherwise made known to third persons without your prior express written consent.

2. The confidential information cannot be used or replicated by the receiving party for its own use.

3. The obligation not to disclose shall survive the expiration or termination of the business contract or agreement.

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