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3 tips for the home-based food biz

How to make a food business work at home.
By Mari-An C. Santos |

Jennie Chung-Orros‘s professional background running her interior design business gave her the skills to handle purchasing and costing for her home business, Jaq’s Kitchen, that sells a wide array of bottled sauces and spreads.


Below she gives tips on how to make it work:



When Jennie Chung-Orros decided to sell her gourmet concoctions, she sought assistance from the Department of Science and Technology to teach her the process of bottling. She says, “I had to buy some [food processing] machines in the United States. I bought some from the importers here.”


She draws ingredients from wholesalers and groceries alike, but such prime ingredients like bleu cheese and duck liver from the farm are purchased wholesale.


As for packaging, Orros asked for recommendations from friends who are in the food industry. She also tries to attend food expos.



Orros starts with an idea. “I pray for wisdom,” she says. Then she conceptualizes the product and experiments. “My friends and family are my critics. If they say it’s good enough, then I sell it.”



She cooks two sauces a day and bottles them right away. In a week, she does this three times. “My kitchen is semi-automated, so preparing the ingredients is easy,” she adds.



Orros does all the cooking herself, save for one item. “The pate is my husband’s specialty,” she says. She takes 20 minutes to cook each recipe; bottling takes 5 minutes, and pressurizing another 30 minutes. She has trained two of her household help specifically to bottle the products.


The “mompreneur” also involves her children by giving them little things to do around the kitchen. “They like the idea that this business is theirs. I am with them while I work,” she says. Her eldest, all of 12 years old, even accompanies her during the weekly Salcedo Market.

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