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3 truths wise entrepreneurs learned the hard way

Learn these three truths and take action on the kind of life and business you want to have.
By Kimanzi Constable |

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Whenever we encounter the story of a successful entrepreneur, we wonder how they got to where they are. Success—whatever success means to you—isn't a mystery. Success, also, isn't something we have to be skeptical towards.


Wise entrepreneurs aren't skeptical because they have learned these three truths through hard work and unwavering focus. They have mastered the "basics" and have a long-term vision for their business. Here is what they know, but don't talk about. 




1. You can't wait for permission.

Wise entrepreneurs realize no one will ever give them permission. They understand if their business is going to be successful, they are the ones that have to do something about it. They have to take action without waiting for all the stars to align.


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2. You should set trends, not follow them.

Wise entrepreneurs don't want to be like every other business owners. They don't accept commonly spouted advice as "law." They don't want their business to be the clone of someone else. They look for new and original ways to reach their present and potential customers. 


Wise entrepreneurs model success, they don't copy it. They see what works and how they can add their unique spin. In a world full of the same, people are looking for what stands out.


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3. Saying 'no' frees you.

Wise entrepreneurs are more likely to say 'no' before they would think about saying "yes." They value their time and realize it's the most precious part of their business. In saying "no,'' they leave room for the things they care about and will benefit their business.


Before you say "yes" to anything, evaluate how it fits into your plans and life. Time is the one thing we'll never get back, so it should be spent wisely. 


You can build a business and life you love without waiting for permission and following traditional advice. Learn to value your time and say "no'' when you have to. In the last three years, my online business has grown from side-income to a six-figure a year business that supports our family living in Maui, Hawaii.


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