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4 tips for work-life balance

You must know when to prioritize work and when life takes precedence over career and ambitions.
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For a regular business, managing time is already a problem. But for the home-based and freelance entrepreneur, the challenge is a bit more difficult. Here’s how to make time work for you.

[related|post]Working from home  can be distracting especially with family and kids around and leisure activities just a few steps  from your workstation. It’s when you work from home that more discipline is necessary to achieve work-life balance. You must know when to prioritize work and when life takes precedence over career and ambitions.


Rica Dalmacion has two kids and admits it is a struggle to keep away from the children when they are at home. With the right amount of discipline from both parties, she is able to spend time with the children and her business. “I  let them know there are certain times of the day they cannot bother me because I need to work,” she says.  Dalmacion usually works in the mornings when the children are in school. Business meetings are best scheduled in  the morning, she has found out. It also the time of the day when she calls her clients. She has found out that her  clients are mostly unavailable to take her calls after lunch.After she quit her regular 9 to 5 job for a home-based business, Dalmacion found more time to be with her family.

She can now take turns with her husband in bringing the kids to school, take them to shopping malls after class, or enjoy a stroll in the park with them from time to time. Whatever time she lost for work to be with her children, she makes up for it at night. While finding the right balance between work and play can be difficult, Dalmacion says it could be done.



Set priorities by doing a to-do list in order of importance, she says. Give yourself deadlines to accomplish each task but make sure the deadlines are realistic. Take charge by making sure you stick to them, and then enjoy the pleasure of crossing things off your list as you move forward.

Time Management
Time management is also very important especially in the food industry because you cannot be late in serving the food. “You can’t say wait for main course because I’m still on the phone,” says Chef Tatung.

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