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5 dream killers keeping you from the life you could have

Avoid or overcome these obstacles if you want to live the life you have always dreamed of.
By Tor Constantino |



Everybody has dreams. 


Whether it's a couple who dreams of one day being parents, a bench scientist who dreams of finding a cure for cancer or a minimum-wage worker who dreams of one day becoming an independent entrepreneur—we all have dreams.


While there are many external obstacles that dreamers and entrepreneurs have to overcome, the truth is that many dreams don't even make that far.


Many dreams die at our own hands.



1. Fear 

The most obvious dream killer is fear in its manifold forms. Obvious fears that undermine our dreams and goals are fears of failure, loss, and rejection.


While no single action can guarantee you'll conquer every fear, the first step toward overcoming any fear is identifying and acknowledging that it's there. Once you know what the specific fear is, it's easier to address it.


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2. Insecurity

Closely linked to fear is the dream killer of insecurity, which tends to be an issue of negative perceptions.


Insecurity is often associated with an internal, negative perception regarding your own personal inability. Insecurity also manifests itself via perceptions of instability regarding external circumstances or conditions. The combined perceptions of inability and instability feed the dream killer of insecurity.



3. Uncertainty

While negative perceptions are dream killers, the only thing worse than negativity or outright bad news is the specter of uncertainty.


The problem with uncertainty is that it usually results in indecision, which is a definitive dream killer.


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4. Inertia

Decisions always precede actions. That' why decisions play such a critical part of making your dreams become realities. Without decisions, and their resultant actions, dreams will only remain dreams and will never become real. That's why understanding inertia is critically important when it comes to dream fulfillment. 



While a lot of people put stock in the "law of attraction" where the universe brings things to you, the reality is that the law of intentional action to chase down your dreams has a much stronger track record.



5. Your past

This final dream killer might be the toughest to manage because it's based on the experiences that made you who you are. Whether it's personal pain, disappointments or failures, those past hurts are often buried so deep in our psyches that we're not aware of our own self-sabotaging behaviors and dream-destroying habits.


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