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5 energy saving tips for your business

Meralco shares effective tips on how to lower the electric consumption of your business. These can help save a significant amount through lower energy costs each month.
By Renz Lyndon Paguio |
5 energy saving tips for your business

Minimizing electricity consumption can mean a lot for entrepreneurs. At a time when overhead expenses of businesses are usually going uncontrollable, it would be a big help if energy costs would be trimmed significantly. Redel Domingo, head of SME Relationship Management at the Manila Electric Company (Meralco) shares the following energy savings tips.

Use CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs

The lifespan of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) lasts eight times longer than the life of incandescent light bulbs, which we grew accustomed to using. They use 75% less energy but produce the same brightness as the common bulb. Each bulb may be sold more expensively, but the long-term benefit is a sure bargain in comparison.

Use an electricity cost calculator

Business owners can now observe more closely their electric bills with the help of Meralco’s electricity cost calculator. The free computer application can give the information on the energy cost of a certain appliance unit.  It can also give an estimation of the business’ monthly electric bill, giving entrepreneurs the chance to make the necessary adjustments to reduce their electric consumption. The application is currently available and accessible in the company’s website.

Switch off equipment when not in use

Turn off the lights and unplug the cord of appliances when those are not being used. Electronic equipment on stand-by mode can still consume a fair amount of electricity. Make sure it is turned off before unplugging for safety purposes. This practice can save the business at least 20 pesos a month or 240 pesos a year, depending on the number of appliances in the workplace.

Take advantage of natural light

During day time, try to make use of sunlight, if possible. Positioning the working areas near the common sources of natural light like windows can help trim down the electricity costs because there will be no need to turn on electric lights. Keep the working area cool and comfortable by using window screens to prevent the heat from coming in.  This can save you money in a way that it can help encourage employees to use the air-conditioning system much less.

Use a power board if possible


If it is applicable, use a power board that distributes power simultaneously to multiple appliances with just a single switch. It also allows the user to turn all of those off after office hours through simply switching off the same button.

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