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5 pointers when creating your company trademark

Advice on how to select your company\\\'s visual identity
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Creating the trademark that will represent your company is an important part of a start-up\\\'s business process. Choose an appropriate trademark and your company will be rewarded by a catchy marketing strategy; make a mistake and choose an ill-fitting trademark and you risk confusing or alienating your target market.


An individual or a legal entity can apply for trademark registration to protect your company\\\'s identifying mark.


The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines gives a checklist of five things to consider when creating your company trademark:


1. Check that your trademark of choice meets all the legal requirements for registration.


2. Conduct a trademark search to make sure that it is not similar to other existing trademarks in the market.


3. Take care to ensure that the trademark is not hard to read, write, spell or remember. In addition, keep in mind that a trademark must be appropriate for various types of advertising media.



4. Does the trademark have a second meaning? Some words or phrases may have a negative connotation in the local language or a foreign market if you decide to export later on.


5. Refer to the internet to confirm if your company\\\'s trademark has no similar existing domain name on the web.


For more information on registering your trademark in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at


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