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5 questions every entrepreneur should ask about success

Success is not just about money.
By Adam Toren |


It's easy to see why so many entrepreneurs might stop only at a level of income as being successful, or a number of headcount at their startup, but those aren't real metrics to measure yourself by forever. It's for exactly that reason you should really ask yourself what success means beyond just money to guide yourself toward true success as an entrepreneur.




1. How much money does success mean?

Of course you want to make money. We all do and that's part of the joy of entrepreneurship. No one would fault you for wanting to define a component of success with money, but what does that mean for you? It's OK to ask this question annually to see how your definition of success can change, but never sacrifice the other components of your vision at the altar of profits alone.


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2. Does success mean a relationship and how much time would that be as a component of my day, every day?

If love is one of the basic human needs we all need, then what part of your successful life will include time for relationships? Remember this isn't just about a spouse or partner, but also friends, family and other important relationships in your life.


No entrepreneur is an island. Loving, trusting relationships with key people in your life will lead to a happier, more successful life. Decide how you want to carve out time to invest in this aspect of your success now, then take action.



3. Success mean flexibility in my schedule and how much time would I want to work each day to be 'successful'?

Some people will leave behind the corporate world for the flexibility of entrepreneurship, only to find they're working longer and harder than they've ever worked in their lives. Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey. This can be particularly true in the early years of getting your business off the ground.



If you're looking for a part-time gig, entrepreneurship probably isn't for you. That being said, as you grow and your business scales, you are going to have more time to pick and choose your day.


The kind of schedule you want will dictate the type of business you pursue and have a large impact on your success.


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4. How healthy will I be as a successful person and how much time does success allow me to devote to my health daily?

How successful will you really be if you're sick or unhealthy? You have to decide now and build into your life what lever of wellness you want to be a part of your total success. Make the commitment now to decide what kind of food you want to eat and what kind of movement you want to incorporate into your day, then commit to that routine.


Success isn't a destination, and neither is your health.



5. What vision will I have achieved to be successful and how do I define it now?

If you're only about profit, then the how of your bottom line won't be very important to your vision. However, if you have strong beliefs about the vision you want to create, think about that being incorporated into your success now.



How will you define your vision and act toward it daily to reach true, self-defined success?


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