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5 time-saving ideas that work

The more efficient you are about doing your tasks, the more time you can spend with your family and friends
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There is a popular saying that goes: time is money. This rings true for the struggling entrepreneur working hard to launch a business. There is a tendency to overbook and commit to too many things then end up frustrated when nothing gets done.


The more efficient and realistic you are about doing your tasks, the more time you can spend with your family and friends.


Below are some time-saving tips for the hectic lives that entrepreneurs lead:


1. Prioritize


List down all the things you need to do and rank them by order of urgency and importance.  Make it a habit to zero in on the top 2 to 3 things that you need to get done for the day. 


2. Simplify


Take an honest look at your schedule and reassess. Maybe your heart is not really into the community committee that you promised to lead. Ask them if you can help in another way. Don\\\'t be afraid of saying no to projects that your current schedule cannot accomodate without other areas of your life suffering.



3. Use technology


With improved internet and mobile services,  it is now as easier more than ever to automate tasks without even having to leave the house. BPI Express Online\\\'s 24/7 banking service allows you to do just that. Accountholders can avail of the service by simply registering via phone, internet or the ATM. This service is useful for the startup entrepreneur who needs to make bill payments and fund transfers without the hassle of long lines and congested roads.


4. Time it


Schedule tasks and set a deadline for completion. This makes you more focused and less prone to distractions. For example, decide to set aside 30 mins a day for sorting through your email. Facebook time and chatting? Block it off at 1 hour a day. Setting limits to tasks frees up the rest of your schedule for doing things that matter to you more.


5. Assign tasks


Be willing to assign tasks that other people can do just as well. Micromanaging your employees or subordinates takes you away from focusing on the larger issues that concern your business.


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