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5 ways to drive a fuel-efficient business

Pilipinas Shell manager shares tips for fuel efficiency.
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For an entrepreneur, one of the biggest expenses of running a business usually goes to transportation. Even if you have your own vehicle, transportation costs still remain high due to fuel prices in the country.

In its initiative to promote the efficient use of fuel in the country, Pilipinas Shell is sending seven teams to Malaysia for the 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia. Students from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, Don Bosco Technical Institute, the Technological Institute of the Philippines – Manila, and two contingencies from the Mapua Institute of Technology, created their own fuel efficient cars which they will use in the competition this week. asked Pilipinas Shell’s Sustainable Development manager Ronald Suarez on how an ordinary entrepreneur can ensure that he or she is using fuel efficiently. Here are the five tips shared by Suarez:

1.    Choose the right vehicle. And we do not mean right hand drive vehicles that are smuggled into the country. By ‘right vehicle’ we mean a vehicle that is just suited for the demands of your delivery business. If you are delivering packages, or food, a van or small delivery truck will do.

2.   Put only what is needed. When people purchase vehicles and use it for their business, it sometimes becomes an extension of one’s house – with shoes, clothes, and other materials that can add extra weight to the vehicle. To be fuel efficient, put only what is necessary in the vehicle like lightweight trays and shelves that will help your delivery business.
3.    Drive smartly. Suddenly stepping on the brakes or accelerating immediately consumes more fuel than necessary. “Be cautious when you drive as it will help you reduce your fuel consumption,” says Suarez.

4.    Maintain your vehicles. “A well maintained vehicle will always perform at its optimum level, ensuring that fuel is used efficiently,” says Suarez.

5.    Plan your trips. In a delivery business, it is not only gas consuming, but time consuming as well if the driver will go through his deliveries with no regard to the routes. “Plan on which routes will be the most efficient for your fuel consumption,” says Suarez.


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