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5 ways Twitter can help your startup business

And why you should take advantage of this social network
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If you\\\'re exploring entrepreneurship in the food, fashion, travel and leisure, and technology industries, there are five things you can do to boost your presence in the fast-paced 140-character world of Twitter. And no, the secret is not in directly selling your products to your brand\\\'s followers, says social networking and public relations strategist Harold Geronimo from Stratworks, a marketing communications firm.

Here are ways you can create hype about your brand and products on Twitterverse without turning off potential clients.

1. Celebrity sampling. Keep in mind: Showbiz personalities and political figures are NOT always celebrities on Twitter. Credibility in Twitter is an entirely different matter. Send Twitter celebrities samples of your products and make sure to retweet once they start talking about your products. It would be best if you engage them in a "twitter conversation" about your product.

2. Underground marketing. Remember how diet pills from Bangkok, Japan and Singapore were sold without an actual physical store? Everyone knows someone from Facebook, Friendster, or online forums who sell these products. You can do the same thing with discretion so when people go searching for the product, someone can raise his hand on Twitter to say he has the goods.

3. Positioning a new product. When it comes to positioning your product, always make it a point to either introduce it as a new product, a new discovery or the reincarnation of an old favorite with a new twist. People on Twitter are always looking for something new.

4. Launching online promotions. Online contests are the most common and also the most effective way of getting people to talk about your product. Whether it’s the fifth year of your product or you are introducing a new product to the market, doing an online contest is a fool-proof way of putting it into the spotlight. Just don\\\'t forget to get the necessary permits when conducting promos.

5. Getting Twitter ambassadors. Everything on Twitter seems to grow out of thin air. But then, it may just seem that. Get your product into conversations by appointing Twitter Ambassadors. They\\\'re job is to talk and talk about your product so you\\\'re sure to have Twitter presence when necessary. Don\\\'t forget to keep track of those who are talking about your product and be ready to defend it when someone rants negative things about it. Do maintain an objective approach as negative comments may also help you improve your product.

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