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5 ways women entrepreneurs can overcome the funding gap

Here are five ways women-entrepreneurs can get the funding they need for business capital.
By Zeynep Ilgaz |
5 ways women entrepreneurs can overcome the funding gap

It’s clear that women have come a long way since the Mad Men era. But, women still hold a mere 14.6% of executive officer positions. And this pattern continues with women entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially when it comes to raising capital. According to the "Kauffman Firm Survey," men start firms with nearly twice the capital that women do. On top of that, only 4.4% of the total money value of all small-business loans goes to women.


So why does the funding gap still plague women entrepreneurs today? It could be that women are more risk averse. They may also tend to take more calculated risks than blind leaps of faith. Asking for money is also a touchy subject that never feels comfortable. Women could also fear that committing to funding cycles will take time away from family.


Despite the hurdles widening the funding gap, every entrepreneur needs capital to sustain a business. As a woman entrepreneur, don’t let these start statistics deter you from actively seeking funding.



Here are five tips for getting the funding you need to succeed:


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1. Broaden your funding horizons.


Raising capital doesn’t always have to be in the form of venture capital or equity financing. There are many wonderful options out there, including bank loans, crowdfunding, lines of credit, and other types of loans. Educate yourself on the variety of available funding sources to find out which one suits your needs best.


2. Network with others.


Entrepreneurs who build a strong network have a greater amount of resources and insight into funding opportunities. There are many women networking organizations that support business growth, provide financial advice, and offer mentorship opportunities. Make a concerted effort to connect with powerful businesswomen, and if you’re in a position to mentor somebody else, step up and do it.


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3. Get involved.


You can (and should) be an advocate for the change you want to see in the business landscape. As you search for funding opportunities, support other women and any initiatives that advocate women in business.


businesswomen_2.png4. Seek corporate and government support.


Don’t let large corporations intimidate you. Big-name players are now creating support programs for women entrepreneurs by providing useful content, forums, and even boot camps. The government also sets aside contracts and funds for minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses. There are countless opportunities: You just need to take the plunge.



5. Don’t hold yourself back.


Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, is famous for promoting self-confidence in women. According to Sandberg, women leaders often get in their own way by underestimating their abilities and goals. Being cautious can pay off in some areas of business, but when it comes to raising capital, you need to approach funding sources with a winning attitude.


Accessing capital is paramount for any growing company. By facing the funding gap head-on and taking advantage of the resources and mentors available, you can overcome this hurdle and secure the funding your business deserves.


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