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6 tips to become a business owner

And comfortably ditch your day job.
By Melissa Dawn |

business owner tips


Many of you reading this right now are working for someone else -- helping someone else build their dream. But you probably have a dream of your own that thrills and excites you. And if you’re like most people, you have two main worries holding you back from making the leap:



“How will I replace my day job income?”


“I have an idea for a business, but no idea where to start!”


You are not alone, and you do not have to hold yourself back anymore. Here are six tips to help you get your dream in motion:



1. Don’t ask what the market needs

Instead, ask, “What can I provide that I love doing?” 


And do not get discouraged by the idea that there are already lots of people doing what you want to do. That would be like saying, “Oh, Michael Jackson’s already done pop. No one ever needs to write a pop song again.” Write your pop song.


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2. Clearly identify the gap you’re filling

Different products and services resonate with different types of people. Similar products and services presented in a different way or to a different audience will also resonate with different types of people. Maybe you are a financial adviser. What makes your approach, experience or process different?



One thing that already makes you different is you! Shine your values, purpose, and lived experience in your marketing.



3. Create a big picture vision of what you want

Have a clear vision of:


The number of clients of you will attract

Type of clients

What your life looks like having a full-time business doing what you love

How you feel

How much money you are making

How you connect with your clients

What you do in your spare time

Focus on this vision as you move forward


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4. Make decisions for where you want to be

Refer to your big picture vision. Imagine yourself there. Feel the energy of that ideal life and business. Ask yourself, “What would the me of my envisioned future decide?”


When you make decisions from a mindset of success and fulfillment, you inevitably attract and create success and fulfillment.




5. Hire someone to guide you, step by step

Look for someone who has already achieved a life and business similar to what you see in your big picture vision. They can help you determine your short and long term goals, and plan practical steps to achieve them.


Make sure the person you hire truly resonates with you. There can be many different ways to achieve what you want. Just because a particular path worked for one person, does not mean it will be right for you. Listen to your inner voice. Trust your instincts.


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6. Build your dream at a pace that feels right

When you feel you have enough clients on the side, and a financial cushion your are comfortable with for emergencies, you will know you are ready to take that final leap out of your day job and into your orgasmically joyful life and business.



The only “right time” to do it is the time that feels right to you.


Overall, if you want to change your life, you can.



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