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6 millionaire entrepreneurs turned authors

Learn important business lessons from these books authored by millionaire entrepreneurs.
By Kara Ohngren Prior |


Benjamin Franklin once said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” The six entrepreneurs on our list have done both. Not only have they launched successful businesses, but they have turned the knowledge they gained along the way into books that offer advice for those seeking inspiration or insight for those looking to do the same.


Enjoy our list of entrepreneurs turned writers, then check out one of their books, it might just be the easiest business class you ever take.



Richard Branson



Founder of Virgin RecordsVirgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines

Book: Losing My Virginity (Crown Business, 2011)

Branson takes readers on an outrageous ride through his, “Oh, screw it, let’s do it,” style of business and living. Losing My Virginity shows that sometimes the only way to succeed in business is to write your own rules.


Bill Gates


Founder of Microsoft

Book: Business @ The Speed of Thought (Grand Central Publishing, 1999)

This book presents a 12-step plan for the development of a “digital nervous system” that allows for information to move through all levels of a company. “The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, is to do an outstanding job with information.” Gates writes.



Guy Kawasaki



Founder of Garage Technology Ventures

Book: Enchantment (Portfolio, 2011)

Kawasaki’s book posits that business is not so much about persuading someone to buy your product as it is about bringing about a voluntary change in your customers. When done correctly, the enchantment approach can show your customer base how to love what you love and dream what you dream. 



Vineet Bajpai


Founder and CEO of Magnon Solutions, an Indian digital media company

Book: The Street To The Highway (Jaico Publishing House, 2012)

The Street To The Highway dispels the myth that entrepreneurial success is only for a select few corporate juggernauts. According to Bajpai, achievement is the result of following a system of proven strategies and positive actions.  



Donald Trump



Chairman and president of The Trump Organization, founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts and star of TV show The Apprentice.

BookMidas Touch  (Plata Publishing, 2011)

A collection of personal and professional entrepreneurial stories from Trump and co-authoer Robert T. Kiyosaki (of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame) aimed at answering the questions such as “Why do the top names in business seem to knock it out of the park with every venture?” and “Why can’t one of these sluggers be you?”



Peter Thiel


PayPal founder and early Facebook investor

Book: The Blueprint (W. W. Norton & Company, 2012)

Where has the world’s innovation gone? In The Blueprint, Thiel and company take the perception of technological progress to task, calling for more radical research and development into technologies and engineering. An action that will not only advance innovation, it will also create millions of jobs in the process.



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