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6 reasons customers aren't opening your emails (Infographic)

Here are six common email marketing sins to avoid.
By Kim Lachance Shandrow |


Two seconds. That's all you get to make a good first impression.


That's how long, rather how short, people typically take to size up an email from marketers, should they even open it at all. When they do -- if you don't move them in some way in two fleeting seconds--it's game over. Delete. Your email marketing efforts are doomed to the trash folder. Conversion denied.


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To help you avoid that ugly fate in your next campaign, the folks at Mailify, an email marketing software maker, have put together a helpful, pinball game-themed infographic that shows you six common email marketing sins to avoid like, well, playing pinball blindfolded. Don't heed this wise advice and it could be game over--and nil ROI--for you. Check it out below.



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