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7 service-based business ideas

Here are business ideas you can start from home.
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Here are service-based business ideas you can start from home. Each idea is divided by industry and outlines the startup capital needed.

Logistics and Transportation

1) Car wash liquid making

Someone looking for a business related to automotices can make a cleaning solution using the ingredients of dishwashing soap and positioning it as a car wash liquid. It is easy to make and can be done at home.  A good market for this would be car wash centers. Those interested to make can check online or seek help from the Technology Resource Center.

Startup capital: P3,000 and up

2) Motorcycle spare parts

Motorcycle sales are booming. Chances are, those who bought a year ago would need some maintenance sooner or later and this means that there would be a demand for spare parts. For a business like this, the garage could easily be converted into a spare part retail area. Find a mechanic to help you run the business. Electron Technical Training Center is one of those schools that offers motorcycle mechanics training. They may be reached through 0907.2290.134.


Startup capital: P10,000 and up

Product retail and distribution

3) Online retailing

There are numerous items that can be sold online. If the local market is the target, gardgets and coupons sell like hotcakes. To start an online business, you need to know a little bit about online navigation, product photography and online banking.

Startup capital: P6,000 and up

4) Direct selling business

This is one of those businesses that is easy to set up. Just pay the membership fee, get the brochure and start selling. But remember, fast setup does not equate with quick profit. That type of business requires offering the products to as many people as possible and you need to be good in selling. Focus on items you like or have used before.

Starup capital: P7,000 and up


5) School uniforms

Uniform making or trading is another profitable business because it caters to a growing number of students. Aside from students, the product can also be offered to school employees. This type of business can be started using a single sewing machine.


Startup capital: P10,000 and up

6)Educational toys and books

Do the next generation a favor, promote learning. Make the sala a space for children where they can browse or try out toys. This type of business is good for newlyweds, teachers and knowledge lovers. There are plenty of publications that can be approached for support.

Startup capital: P20,000 and up

Food industry

7) Catering services

A lot of people would like to get into this business because it doesn\\\'t cost much to start. Waiters can be paid per project, while there\\\'s no need to rent a space for the business. You only need a cook, a menu an catering equipment, and the business is ready to go. Transportation can be rented if the budget is small.

Startup capital: P20,000 and up

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