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7 tips for a great business letter

Keep it short and sweet, says our writing expert
By Maan D'Asis Pamaran |

“Most businessmen know that their job as businessmen depends on being understood – written or spoken, but there are businessmen who can get stuck in the old way of impressing their clients or business partners by using jargon,” observes Tony Ducepec, a digital media instructor at St. Paul’s University and Miriam College, and communication skills faculty at Learning Resources Philippines.

Here, Ducepec shares the seven characteristics of effective business letters:

1.    Completeness
This deals with answering all or questions and checking for the five W’s (who, what, when, where, why).

2.    Conciseness

Eliminate wordy expressions and irrelevant statements and avoid unnecessary repetition.


3.    Consideration

This demands that the writer focuses on the “you” and not on the “I” or “we”. Emphasize reader benefits, and the positive pleasant facts. Instead of writing “I will have the products delivered to you…,” you may rephrase it as “You should receive your orders by…”

4.    Concreteness

Using specific facts and figures, putting action in your verbs, and using clear vivid, image-building words are necessary for concreteness. Instead of writing “Our has won several prestigious awards,” you may write “Our product has won the prestigious XYZ award for the past five years.”


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