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7 ways to build a million-peso brand

To build your brand, constantly caress your tools until you build your dream empire.
By Daniel Ally |


It was less than a decade ago when a business had to hire a public relations firm to reach millions of people. Big companies would buy full-page spreads in magazines, purchase television time, and even run advertisements on billboards all over the highways.


Small business owners had no chance unless they started with bigger companies. However, times have changed. Nowadays, almost every social media opportunity is free. You can build a website with just a minimal budget. You can find speeches, interviews, magazines—all for FREE.



Thus, to be noticed in this world, you're going to have to optimize your brand to appeal to those you want to serve. In short, the secret to your brand will be to show your audience who you are, not just tell them.


Moreover, the power of branding must be used carefully. It's easy to get distracted with all of the avenues of self-expression. With the many vehicles out there, you must choose the one that works best for your brand and master it. To build a million-peso brand, you need to caress your tools constantly until you build your dream empire.



1. Show legitimacy.

Think about the people you admire the most in business. They are very legitimate. They have a following. They have an actual business name. They write for big publications. They have professional photos. They have positive reviews. They have interactive Websites. Some of them even have a Wikipedia page! If you show people you mean business, they'll trust you. 



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2. Google yourself.

What shows up when you Google yourself? If you have party photos, old résumés, and other useless information, you're only hurting yourself. While it's great to share your personal life, you don't want to go too far and show the world what you're doing when no one is looking. Keep clear cut profiles that show the utmost professionalism.




3. Create content.

"Content is king." Today, it's truer than ever. However, your content must be CONSISTENT and DIFFERENT. There's a ton of inspirational people who are trying to do the same things, but get little results. Your content must be original and thought-provoking. You also want to produce content that is 'shareable' with the world.



4. Leverage social media.

These days, you can use social media from your phone. You can also set posts to deliver while you're sleeping. By utilizing my favorite social-media avenues (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and learning about new ones (Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope), I can reach hundreds of thousands of people each day. Start by making at least 10 posts per day across all social-media platforms and you'll be recognized by many. 


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5. Build a following.

People who purchase my products and services have been loyal followers for a long time. I have thousands of loving fans who "check-in" every month. Every day, I'm winning the hearts and minds of those who are looking to obtain financial freedom. They tell me, "Daniel, you're the best at what you do. That's why I follow you." I love those kinds of fans.



6. Promote advocates.

As you become more well-known in the marketplace, people will want to help. One quick trick if you're extra busy is to hire an intern at the local university. Interns will help your run your social media and put together some of the graphics necessary to appeal to your audience. You may also want to get your "competitors" to share, comment, and like your work. 



7. Never compete.

The surest way to fail in building a million-peso brand is to emulate others. There are too many carbon copies in every industry. You must not look at the work of others with envy or contempt, nor should you compare your products and services with another person. However, you should create an empire so large that your former "competitors" start asking you for help. 



We live in a world where we can reach someone who lives thousands of miles away. If you're only doing business locally, you are hurting your chances substantially. Use these suggestions to build an international empire and you will be able to reach millions of people in just a matter of months, or years. If you're serious about building your brand, please feel free to reach out. 


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