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8 slow and steady steps to striking it rich

Here are eight tips about how to make money that lasts.
By Nina Zipkin |


Everyone wants to be a success and make their fortune. But how do you get there? There is no one, never-fail, get-rich-quick scheme. Hard work and giving back to others will get you going on the right path—and the path to riches is often a slow and steady one.



Here are eight tips about how to make money that lasts. 



1. Prioritize.

Remember, it's not all about the peso signs. If you're only focusing on the size of your wallet, you won't be able to devote your time to developing new and innovative ideas.



2. Lend a helping hand.

Your success will stem from being there for others; especially if your fellow entrepreneurs can count you as a mentor or trusted resource.


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3. Be a people person.  

Your business will only grow if you serve your customer base and your employees—not just the bottom line.



4. Never settle.

The more money your business makes, the more directions you can go in. Reinvest and reinvent your company as time goes on.




5. Know your strengths.

Figure out the one thing you do better than anyone and pursue it. Become an expert.



6. Reflect.

Look to the people who you admire. How did they get to where they are? Analyze their successes and implement those strategies into your plans.


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7. Measure up.

Keep track of your goals, setbacks and achievements, especially how many people you served. Check in with yourself and your team on a weekly and monthly basis.



8. Lock in a routine.

Routines can help you keep current with your business and hold you accountable.


For more, check out this video. 




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