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9 ways to turn your desk into the ideal workspace (Infographic)

Finding a hard time focusing on your work or meeting deadlines? Your workstation might be the reason why. Working on a space that doesn’t suit you, will only make you less productive. Here are ways to turn it into the ideal workstation.
By Drake Baer |

workspace2.jpg"Your workstation should fit you like a tailored shirt," says University of California ergonomist David Rempel. "If I come to your workstation and you're six inches taller than me, it shouldn't fit me."

If your workstation doesn't fit you, you're in trouble. Typing speed goes down with discomfort, and error rates go up. If you ignore that tension in your shoulders, neck, or wrist, it can turn into injury -- like carpal tunnel syndrome, where a pinched nerve in your wrist causes tingling, pain, and numbness.


But if your workstation does fit you, then your performance will go up. Studies show that if you're comfortable, your performance increases by 10% to 15%.

But ergonomics, the study of how workspaces affect our work, is left out of many workplace conversations. In his Bay Area practice, Rempel often sees new hires trying to make a mark -- and getting themselves injured in the process. To prevent this from happening, here's a quick guide to setting up your workspace for optimal health and productivity.




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